Jian Jones

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'Rainbow in a Starlit Sky' is a 30-day perspective shifting challenge to encourage you to view 'so-called' negative experiences from a positive perspective. 'Rainbow in a Starlit Sky' uses the visual of the night sky to represent difficult times which includes the moon, stars, and rainbow to represent positivity. The 'Rainbow in a Starlit Sky' premise is, if one focuses on the lesson and light in each dark experience, growth occurs. 'Rainbow in a Starlit Sky' will equip you with 30 perspectives, brief captivating explanations, and action activities to apply daily, assisting you with viewing life's experiences through a clearer lens.

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Jian Jones, well-being expert and educator, offers mental, emotional, social, spiritual and physical well-being techniques that assist you in uncovering your potential to live your best life. Jian blended her passion for health, wellness, nature, and purpose into a personal development company, Jian Jones, LLC with a mission to transform lives one mind, body and soul at a time. Jian encourages you to Press+FLY™: 'press through your obstacles so you can fly toward your destiny'. Jian uses her personal evolution to serve others and looks forward to their individual growth and success.

For more information visit www.JianJones.com and follow Jian on all social media platforms @itsjianjones.